Weed 'em \u0026 Reap
Weed 'em \u0026 Reap
Weed 'em \u0026 Reap

Born n' raised city folk, Kevin \u0026 DaNelle, along with their children Ethan \u0026 Lydia, decided in 2009 to move to a 1 acre lot in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

It was perfectly zoned for all sorts of agricultural activities so they got busy learning how to raise goats, chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs, geese, turkeys as well as learned how to garden and grow trees in their harsh desert climate.

Now their daily life includes milking goats, gathering eggs, eating fresh fruits \u0026 vegetables from their garden, \u0026 harvesting fish from their pond.

Follow along as they raise new baby goats each year, laugh at their mistakes, grow just about everything in their garden, and enjoy life together as a family who's trying their best to live a life that's worth living on their little farm in the city.

  1. tayshaun dacosta

    tayshaun dacosta2 soat oldin

    sad little goat

  2. Darren Henry

    Darren Henry2 soat oldin


  3. Amelia Quinn

    Amelia Quinn2 soat oldin

    Today I went to my farm and guess what...my silkie was laying on egg...she’s normally really sweet but today she attacked when I tried to get her eggs πŸ₯š....🧐

  4. Fintan Cummings

    Fintan Cummings2 soat oldin

    God bless your little nephew, Ren. You can tell he is really loved! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  5. Nightshade Kelly

    Nightshade Kelly3 soat oldin

    I can't wait to see piglets again

  6. Nightshade Kelly

    Nightshade Kelly3 soat oldin

    I really thought Stella would be difficult with milking. She was such a surprise. She is doing amazing

  7. Fintan Cummings

    Fintan Cummings3 soat oldin

    Kevin should be a builder. That goat barn could qualify for a spread in Barns Beautiful magazine!! 🐐🏑🀩

  8. Salem Alhassani

    Salem Alhassani3 soat oldin


  9. Fintan Cummings

    Fintan Cummings3 soat oldin

    1,000% Kevin’s great CRAFT!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  10. Lion Lena

    Lion Lena5 soat oldin


  11. Boy

    Boy5 soat oldin

    πŸ˜‚ I love that car.

  12. Lesa Re

    Lesa Re6 soat oldin

    Are the baby goats given to places that just use for milking, and treated lovingly?

  13. ranger rabbit

    ranger rabbit6 soat oldin

    2:45 plz do more cleaning montages

  14. ranger rabbit

    ranger rabbit6 soat oldin

    1:05 what is going on in the backround

  15. Cat&Fish M.

    Cat&Fish M.7 soat oldin

    So cool Kiwis setting again! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

  16. Isaiah Vang

    Isaiah Vang7 soat oldin

    Bruh you better breed the Willson and plus that goat might be old when the other female is adult i felt bad for that goat man I mean u just gotta let him see his friend has all the girls and only 2 bruh he will take a revenge that goat that has a lot feamale

  17. ranger rabbit

    ranger rabbit7 soat oldin

    β€˜β€™I dont think max fits a dog’’ Huh well I’m going to change my 12 year old, almost blind, deaf, named Max’s name Jk jk jk jk jk jk jk I would never change an animals name

  18. ranger rabbit

    ranger rabbit7 soat oldin

    I was in the hospital for a while, IVE MISSED SO DAMN MUCH!! Now i have to go back, watch and like all the videos that I’ve missed😩

  19. Sharon Stettner

    Sharon Stettner8 soat oldin

    right now my silkie was sitting (broody darling) on zero so I have put 3 eggs under her and she is not moving from her 'job' I will candle them next week.

  20. Mia AlmarazLopez

    Mia AlmarazLopez8 soat oldin

    I want leaves

  21. Allysson Corral

    Allysson Corral8 soat oldin

    This was the year I was born

  22. Thomas Kamel

    Thomas Kamel9 soat oldin

    How much times do you feed the pigs per day and how much food scraps do you go through to feed them everyday and a lot of it?

  23. ,Barbara Brand

    ,Barbara Brand9 soat oldin

    Absolutely! Bantam chickens are great brooders and mothers. She will sit on anything you put there.

  24. Lisseth Ramirez

    Lisseth Ramirez10 soat oldin

    I love your videos I will support you all the way!!

  25. sherrell fick

    sherrell fick11 soat oldin

    You should try an Emu egg again. Such. Beautiful birds ❀️

  26. Aubrey Keen

    Aubrey Keen11 soat oldin

    i think you guys should maybe but duck eggs under one of the chickens! it could be a great learning experience.

  27. midnight fox dragon

    midnight fox dragon11 soat oldin

    Aw sry you got hurt Daniel (sry if I spelled your name wrong)

  28. Erica Graham

    Erica Graham12 soat oldin

    You and my mom are both really really good cookers and my mom and I LOVE animals and horses

  29. Kelly Endreas

    Kelly Endreas12 soat oldin

    Ready for it! My birthday is in October I’ll tell you if she gives birth on my b day or near it (Winnie)

  30. Melissa knight

    Melissa knight12 soat oldin

    When u got the milk test u kinda put your address in the video

  31. Heather H

    Heather H13 soat oldin

    I LOVE the tri-color goats you guys breed so much! I hope when I am ready for two female Nigerians, I can find some like yours...or maybe from your herd. I'd drive from Eastern NC to your home to get them if it's possible once we're ready for precious goats. <3

  32. 6996katmom

    6996katmom13 soat oldin

    Silkies are great broodies.

  33. Addison Groce

    Addison Groce13 soat oldin

    I have about 35-37 silkies and don't worry she won't hurt that much if she pecks you

  34. annnalynn Schmear

    annnalynn Schmear13 soat oldin

    Yes put eggs under her so they will hatch im a haching expert

  35. Arianna Chunilal

    Arianna Chunilal13 soat oldin

    Happy birthday

  36. Berting Yu

    Berting Yu14 soat oldin


  37. Marcella Mauk

    Marcella Mauk14 soat oldin

    I've heard you mention quail in a few videos, so maybe you could put those under the Silkie? They incubate at the same temp as chicken eggs I believe. Also, quail chicks are some of the cutest things on the planet, so that is definitely a reason for her to hatch them πŸ˜‚

  38. Isaac Snyder

    Isaac Snyder14 soat oldin

    BEST KALE RECIPE: lots of kale with oil and salt. Put flat on pan and bake. Idk what temp or how long but it’s so gooood!!

  39. E B

    E B14 soat oldin

    Watching this video to get ready for round 2 of Hermione babies.... 🀣

  40. Kammie Lau|β™‘

    Kammie Lau|β™‘14 soat oldin

    AHHHH you should name your next baby goat Prancer... i think its so cute

  41. Little One's Rabitry

    Little One's Rabitry14 soat oldin

    I'm thinking quail eggs would be fun. Or an emu egg would be hilarious since she's so small πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  42. Laura Moore

    Laura Moore14 soat oldin

    Silky+meat chicken= milky chicken

  43. Sandra e. Hinojosa

    Sandra e. Hinojosa15 soat oldin

    Yum 🀀

  44. hoppy

    hoppy15 soat oldin

    that is so sad πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­β€πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉ

  45. Ava Miller

    Ava Miller15 soat oldin

    Love and doodle

  46. Hamza El Ouahabi

    Hamza El Ouahabi15 soat oldin

    there is a lot of egges under Kiwi you can give some to the silkie to hutch them its will be great

  47. Munchy Crunchy Carrot

    Munchy Crunchy Carrot15 soat oldin

    I think Carl is perfect for Willow because if you get good utters then you get more milk and good goat milk😁

  48. Hanna Bo

    Hanna Bo15 soat oldin

    Willow runs like my dog- all hoppy and lopsided

  49. Diego Dietos

    Diego Dietos16 soat oldin

    Maybe some quail

  50. Alberto Jr Tostado

    Alberto Jr Tostado16 soat oldin

    You guys should get guineas.

  51. Ord_n Ary

    Ord_n Ary16 soat oldin

    I like long videos. I always love watching your videos and hopefully I can have my own little farm someday. πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜

  52. Tery Wetherlow

    Tery Wetherlow16 soat oldin

    Awwwwwww the cute goose nesting Castle is soooo sweet....t

  53. Tery Wetherlow

    Tery Wetherlow16 soat oldin

    Take care.....wow you are all so busy❀

  54. Sue Boyle

    Sue Boyle16 soat oldin

    My Goats love Kale.. and please let the lil lady sit on some eggs

  55. Sue Boyle

    Sue Boyle16 soat oldin

    Oh please let her sit

  56. Igorche81

    Igorche8117 soat oldin

    Yes. Put some eggs under her. Silkies are great parents.

  57. seren williams

    seren williams17 soat oldin

    You should put quale(if that's how u spell itπŸ˜‚) Under the silkie xx

  58. seren williams

    seren williams17 soat oldin

    That silke has a bit of explaining to doπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  59. Sandi Hebb

    Sandi Hebb17 soat oldin

    No babies for Hermione yet ? Cant wait to see them !

  60. Sandi Hebb

    Sandi Hebb17 soat oldin

    Good job Salem ! I think you should put eggs under your broody hen . Kiwi loves her chickens and needs some new babies to raise!

  61. Erika Couture

    Erika Couture17 soat oldin

    at least you know penny is no longer suffering

  62. Matt Allen

    Matt Allen17 soat oldin

    U cooked a chicken 😱

  63. Joselynn Pross

    Joselynn Pross18 soat oldin

    I really think Kevin is This Farm’s Dr. Doolittle !!!!!

  64. E B

    E B18 soat oldin

    This is one of my favorite videos (even though there’re all my favorite). I love you guys so much. Your videos make my day. ☺️

  65. Tamra Lea Anderson

    Tamra Lea Anderson18 soat oldin

    You only have one pure silky by the looks of it the others are crosses from what I can tell

  66. Jake Alvarez

    Jake Alvarez19 soat oldin


  67. joosters Plants

    joosters Plants19 soat oldin

    Is say quail pheasants that would be awesome to see

  68. Ralyn Asher-Titterness

    Ralyn Asher-Titterness19 soat oldin

    I’ve been watching this channel since willow was born and now that she’s a grandmother I can’t believe it.

  69. Tilly Willians

    Tilly Willians19 soat oldin

    Tilly is my favourite. And the reason is because my name is also Tilly!!!

  70. Brenda Bennett

    Brenda Bennett19 soat oldin

    When I had chicken's I would take a permanent marker and put a dot on the end of eggs I was going to let them hatch and collect the rest for food. I would know witch one to collect

  71. tj21bem

    tj21bem19 soat oldin

    Do you have piglets yet?

  72. Wildflower Aquatics

    Wildflower Aquatics19 soat oldin

    Put Quail under the silky! Or Guinea fowl

  73. Ange Smith

    Ange Smith19 soat oldin

    quail eggs would be fun

  74. Rule This Roost

    Rule This Roost20 soat oldin

    Maybe some turkey eggs!

  75. Yousef

    Yousef20 soat oldin

    You should hatch pheasants (silver or red golden) they look very nice, or mandarin ducks

  76. Sammy Conifer

    Sammy Conifer20 soat oldin

    You could get some quail for the silky, quail are like a super food for their size. Or maybe you could raise some ducks from Goldshaw Farm... You don't have to keep them forever, just a little while.

  77. Brooke

    Brooke20 soat oldin

    Quail for the silky and I think your hands need a milking machine plus you could get a manual one and work up to an automatic one and compare the 2 or more at a later date.

  78. Michelle hoult

    Michelle hoult20 soat oldin

    Yes put some there x

  79. Cathy Fernandez

    Cathy Fernandez20 soat oldin

    I think you should put quail under the silky