Weed 'em \u0026 Reap
Weed 'em \u0026 Reap
Weed 'em \u0026 Reap

Born n' raised city folk, Kevin \u0026 DaNelle, along with their children Ethan \u0026 Lydia, decided in 2009 to move to a 1 acre lot in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

It was perfectly zoned for all sorts of agricultural activities so they got busy learning how to raise goats, chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs, geese, turkeys as well as learned how to garden and grow trees in their harsh desert climate.

Now their daily life includes milking goats, gathering eggs, eating fresh fruits \u0026 vegetables from their garden, \u0026 harvesting fish from their pond.

Follow along as they raise new baby goats each year, laugh at their mistakes, grow just about everything in their garden, and enjoy life together as a family who's trying their best to live a life that's worth living on their little farm in the city.

  1. Eleanor McCarthy

    Eleanor McCarthy2 soat oldin

    Those scorpions give me the heebie geebies ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  2. Ruby Lim

    Ruby Lim2 soat oldin

    Pepper, archi, pizza, red๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Ella Sager

    Ella Sager2 soat oldin

    A interesting name for the new lil guy could be: Alto Sean Jack Kishak Loki

  4. Amaze Slimes

    Amaze Slimes3 soat oldin

    Name him Red because heโ€™s a total red head and you can call him little red

  5. Dusk

    Dusk3 soat oldin

    Some name suggestions: Hucksley Morgan Ire (Like Ireland since the red head stereotype) Kenan Collin Barry (Or Berry) Gingerman Stewie Copper Hope you like em! โค๏ธโ€๐Ÿ”ฅ

  6. Stephanie Ortiz

    Stephanie Ortiz3 soat oldin

    fred because he is red

  7. Cory Clark

    Cory Clark3 soat oldin


  8. Ivan Paul Taurua

    Ivan Paul Taurua3 soat oldin

    I thought the new addition was another โ€œ goatโ€

  9. Makayla Hernandez

    Makayla Hernandez3 soat oldin

    You shouldname the new bulkling Red it suits him

  10. Kansas City Chiefs

    Kansas City Chiefs3 soat oldin

    Zeeland is a good name

  11. Barnacle Boy

    Barnacle Boy3 soat oldin

    I donโ€™t know why but when I saw the new buck I thought of the name garbanzo I think it could be a unique name.

  12. Sienna Hassy

    Sienna Hassy3 soat oldin

    I have a name for him! Sondor Chester Diesel

  13. liaartz

    liaartz3 soat oldin

    0:16 they said kiwi's name the same way I say my turtle kiwi's name when I greet him in the morning

  14. Barbers Homestead

    Barbers Homestead3 soat oldin

    Name for buckling....Caramel

  15. Tammy Buckmaster

    Tammy Buckmaster3 soat oldin

    Fergas and ferdas

  16. Mellisa Siska

    Mellisa Siska3 soat oldin

    There's no incubator that will compare to kiwi! She's the best mom ever!

  17. Sarceรฑo Henri

    Sarceรฑo Henri3 soat oldin

    How about Jose

  18. Thomas Kamel

    Thomas Kamel3 soat oldin

    Randy could be the new goats name

  19. Li Sa

    Li Sa3 soat oldin

    Willy or Shames

  20. Abigail Hanner-Coulter

    Abigail Hanner-Coulter3 soat oldin

    When life gives you lemons.... satte your onions

  21. Goaty Junior

    Goaty Junior3 soat oldin


  22. Aeriana Hayes

    Aeriana Hayes3 soat oldin

    or oliver

  23. Teifi Jenkins

    Teifi Jenkins3 soat oldin


  24. Sarceรฑo Henri

    Sarceรฑo Henri3 soat oldin

    Hi i love your videos

  25. Aeriana Hayes

    Aeriana Hayes3 soat oldin

    Name the buck David

  26. Queen Bri

    Queen Bri3 soat oldin

    Since the buck is a golden color, how about "Dorado"?

  27. Teifi Jenkins

    Teifi Jenkins3 soat oldin

    Joe kobi koe cracker

  28. Nicholas Gooding

    Nicholas Gooding3 soat oldin

    Can you please name him Sunny?, I think it would suit him a lot and your channel brings me so much joy and Iโ€™m happy to see you guys doing well

  29. Jennie Whitten-Campos

    Jennie Whitten-Campos3 soat oldin

    I like the name zack or luke

  30. Haley Houck

    Haley Houck4 soat oldin

    If you named the red head buck Jerome Iโ€™d flip cause Jerome is from a tv show I watch called Gotham and the character of Jerome is a red head

  31. Keira Cossette

    Keira Cossette4 soat oldin


  32. Savannah Esposito

    Savannah Esposito4 soat oldin

    Aries would be a cool name!

  33. Kacie Butler

    Kacie Butler4 soat oldin


  34. Megan Lane

    Megan Lane4 soat oldin

    Where did you purchase the goat barn from?

  35. Kelly Johnston

    Kelly Johnston4 soat oldin

    The new buck should be named Chuck

  36. Hysong Grows! An Edible Garden

    Hysong Grows! An Edible Garden4 soat oldin

    next time store eggs big side up in a carton in a cool area (not the fridge) then put them all at once under the broody then they'll all hatch together. Doing it this way you could lose some of the later ones if the broody gets up to take care of the chicks before they are all hatched out.

  37. hi pr

    hi pr4 soat oldin

    The new buck ling looks like a digestive

  38. FudgeDrako Studios

    FudgeDrako Studios4 soat oldin

    I like the name "Bear" or "Grizzly" for the new buck

  39. Alpha Bluewolf

    Alpha Bluewolf4 soat oldin

    Iโ€™m thinking you guys should name home either Saturn or Jasper

  40. Deborah Martin

    Deborah Martin4 soat oldin

    I love the music you use and the singing was a delight! I always enjoy every episode!

  41. gail schenk

    gail schenk4 soat oldin

    Gidden or Gidden ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  42. Gavin Rhodes

    Gavin Rhodes4 soat oldin

    thank you for existing. your existence makes my existence better.

  43. Michelle Wilson

    Michelle Wilson4 soat oldin

    Chester/ chestnut, mars.

  44. Sofie270798

    Sofie2707984 soat oldin

    The buckling looks like a 'Remus' to me

  45. twins gaming

    twins gaming4 soat oldin

    My little sister is name Delilah

  46. TheItalianCheetah

    TheItalianCheetah4 soat oldin

    Name suggestion: Ed Sheeran? ๐Ÿคฃ

  47. Naerwyn

    Naerwyn4 soat oldin

    I also think Saturn is a cute name!! I also think Rowan would be cute. ^__^ He's so pretty!!

  48. rianne Gallan

    rianne Gallan4 soat oldin

    U shoud name Larry

  49. bonnie schmucker

    bonnie schmucker4 soat oldin

    Eric the Red

  50. Im Ce Su

    Im Ce Su5 soat oldin

    Rusty, Copper, weasley, ash

  51. Thatโ€™s The Real Tea

    Thatโ€™s The Real Tea5 soat oldin

    Igor or Bart

  52. Caelan Rose

    Caelan Rose5 soat oldin

    Biscuit,Amber or cinnamon

  53. Emily Earle

    Emily Earle5 soat oldin

    Archie for the buck's name!

  54. T T

    T T5 soat oldin

    How about Flash (Gordon), (Buck) Rogers or Tarzan for a name to honour very old film heroes since your other keeper buck is old Zorro๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜† I also like those suggested greek/roman gods for the new buck's name (Mars, Jupiter, Ares...) since his mom is Juno๐Ÿ˜Š Icarus would suit his flaming colour๐Ÿค”

  55. amiah deeter-shorhen

    amiah deeter-shorhen5 soat oldin

    you should name the buckling milo or boomer/boomerang

  56. TheRedWolfyy

    TheRedWolfyy5 soat oldin

    Gb aka golden balls

  57. HekTic

    HekTic5 soat oldin

    Awww so cute

  58. PippetTheFluffPup 110

    PippetTheFluffPup 1105 soat oldin

    i think the names ruban, mars, rupert, and stephanie are PERFECT! especially stephanie ๐Ÿ˜‚

  59. Cristina Valdes

    Cristina Valdes5 soat oldin

    Copper for the new buckling

  60. Mitzi McFrazzle

    Mitzi McFrazzle5 soat oldin

    I really like the name Timo or Saturn for the sweet new buckling! His color is so pretty!

  61. Beth Hubbs

    Beth Hubbs5 soat oldin

    Nice looking crop of peaches! Kiwi is such a good mama. It will be interesting to see how many hatchlings she ends up with! Maybe you won't need that incubator after all, eh? For the new buckling: Caramel, Mr. Reed, Mister....something. Sir William. Juno (after his mother or spell it Juneau), Phoenix.

  62. AAliyah Mya

    AAliyah Mya5 soat oldin

    Maybe Kiwi should've hatched the goose eggs๐Ÿ˜‚ someone else in the comments mentioned Chai for the gold goat and that's really cute and Saturn is cute too

  63. Eliseo Cantu

    Eliseo Cantu5 soat oldin

    Red is a cute name for him

  64. Mala Naidoo

    Mala Naidoo5 soat oldin

    you guys work so hard with youtube love you stay safe

  65. All Floof

    All Floof6 soat oldin

    Kyoko(pronounced Key-oh-koh) its a Japanese name for respectful child, child of the capital

  66. kaseit

    kaseit6 soat oldin

    New buck name: Thor! Zorro and Thorn sounds like a super duo, haha.

  67. Sparrow

    Sparrow6 soat oldin

    name ideas: Arlo Hiroshi Hiro Casper Caspian

  68. Deborah Miller

    Deborah Miller6 soat oldin

    Where are the piglets

  69. Sherralee Clark

    Sherralee Clark6 soat oldin

    It is so cute when she is hatching a different breed of bird than what she is lmao.

  70. Vivian Taylor

    Vivian Taylor6 soat oldin

    You guys should name the new buckling Rojo

  71. Talie V

    Talie V6 soat oldin


  72. Mila Young

    Mila Young6 soat oldin

    A name โ€œCliffordโ€ Because he is red

  73. Cheyenne Adamovich

    Cheyenne Adamovich6 soat oldin

    The new buck should be called Garnet.

  74. Cup Cakes

    Cup Cakes6 soat oldin

    I think you should name him gingerbread

  75. Mirza Omeroviฤ‡

    Mirza Omeroviฤ‡6 soat oldin

    Wiliam is perfect

  76. Gordon Jeffrey

    Gordon Jeffrey6 soat oldin

    This is called commitment ๐Ÿ˜‚

  77. Denese Swackhamer

    Denese Swackhamer6 soat oldin


  78. Faith Levy

    Faith Levy6 soat oldin

    You sould name him caramel hes a nice golden brown and caramel would be perfect and sweet

  79. momster Wong

    momster Wong6 soat oldin

    A "red head eh" Archie? from the comic books...too bad the 2 girls are named already, they could of been Betty and Veronica

  80. Janice Connolly

    Janice Connolly6 soat oldin

    For your red headed buckling... Finn McCool Great Irish myth about a red headed giant named Finn McCool.