The BREEDING PLAN for our miniature goat herd! (get ready for babies 🥰)

We're SO excited about this year's plan! Lots of babies this year!
Each morning on our one acre farm in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, we start the day with milking goats, feeding pigs, and gathering eggs. We have a small plot of land, but boy, do we make the most of it. Each animal on our farm is taken care of holistically & organically. We let the mama goats raise their babies until they reach 10 weeks of age and are naturally weaned from nursing. We keep a small herd of 5-7 milking goats, mainly the Nigerian Dwarf breed, although we still have the queen of the herd, Luna, our Nubian goat. We use the fresh goat's milk to make cheese, butter, cream, and we use it in all sorts of baking & cooking. We love that we can walk into our backyard and gather food. It's the best feeling ever!
After the morning chores, we usually tend to the pond -- we're always adding new pond plants and fish to maintain the delicate ecosystem of our natural swimming pool. Our backyard farm is full of adventures, and we're so happy to share our farm vlog with you. Hopefully you can feel inspired to grow something of your own, or care for an animal with kindness like we strive to do. Thanks for watching!
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  1. Isaiah Vang

    Isaiah Vang7 soat oldin

    Bruh you better breed the Willson and plus that goat might be old when the other female is adult i felt bad for that goat man I mean u just gotta let him see his friend has all the girls and only 2 bruh he will take a revenge that goat that has a lot feamale

  2. Kelly Endreas

    Kelly Endreas12 soat oldin

    Ready for it! My birthday is in October I’ll tell you if she gives birth on my b day or near it (Winnie)

  3. Abigail Wheeler

    Abigail WheelerKun oldin

    I’m getting a duck and 4 chicken

  4. Peter Urgowitsch

    Peter Urgowitsch2 kun oldin

    Maybe you could find a other farmer/homestead and exchange Winston with an other buckling, for this season!?

  5. Jacob Hoovan

    Jacob Hoovan3 kun oldin

    Like to see I'm not alone

  6. Jacob Hoovan

    Jacob Hoovan3 kun oldin

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  7. Jacob Hoovan

    Jacob Hoovan3 kun oldin

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  8. Jacob Hoovan

    Jacob Hoovan3 kun oldin

    You should get noow gots but to girls

  9. TexasContessa

    TexasContessa3 kun oldin

    Thank you for always having safe videos. Non stressful and lots of cuteness. Just the usual gripe about length. I just like watching all the animals do what they do.

  10. Lillian Meyer

    Lillian Meyer3 kun oldin

    Zorro will have a lot of doelings and buckling baby’s!

  11. Corinne Muller

    Corinne Muller3 kun oldin

    Are you still milking stella??

  12. Dark Mombie Nova

    Dark Mombie Nova4 kun oldin

    When is Hermione due to drop her piglets

  13. ANT Dom

    ANT Dom4 kun oldin

    You should get a pygmy goat

  14. Crystal Bunny

    Crystal Bunny5 kun oldin

    Every one whose seen Winnie and Tatum's birth are like: "OHHHH they're growin' up so fast!" and "We're so old! (jk but still! Winnie AND Tatum BABIES!!!!!!!)"

  15. Elina Skranka 羿華-1092

    Elina Skranka 羿華-10925 kun oldin

    Hey I’m actually going to Phoenix Az on March 8

  16. RedWhiteandSpeckled

    RedWhiteandSpeckled5 kun oldin

    wish we could make breeding plans but it doesn't help when the girls break out with the boys and they are all running together. 😭

  17. Anna Tyler

    Anna Tyler5 kun oldin

    I love your vids

  18. Shania Kroes

    Shania Kroes5 kun oldin

    Can you do a tutorial on how to milk goats? I have goats and I would like to learn how to milk them. We have 2 milking goats and some boar goats, but I'd like to milk the dairy goats..

  19. Jayden Trac

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    Izzy Plays5 kun oldin

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    Elise Robinson5 kun oldin

    “We’ve got a small heard of goats on our one acre property, that’s slowly getting larger.. not the property, the goats” Luna: I feel attacked.

  29. Amy

    Amy6 kun oldin

    New babies every month?! 😍😍😍

  30. Victor Whittlesea

    Victor Whittlesea6 kun oldin

    Don’t forget that Tilly/Zorro babies will not be related to Winston at all 😉

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    Anna Jircová6 kun oldin

    That is gonna be busy year for Zorro

  32. Sammy Gonzalez

    Sammy Gonzalez6 kun oldin

    So exciting! I’d love one of your babies for my herd! Can we make it happen?

  33. Miklos Talas

    Miklos Talas6 kun oldin

    Am I Exited oh um 😳 HECK YEAH this is my dads acount not mine 😢

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    Miklos Talas6 kun oldin

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    Rose Kim Lee6 kun oldin

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    AJ6 kun oldin

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    Lionisia Barnes6 kun oldin

    go zorro!

  38. hi it is me

    hi it is me6 kun oldin

    Hey ,I have a question does a female Turkey need a Male to get brody. Or does it just get chicken to get brody? Sorry I'm just curious

  39. Abbie Berriman

    Abbie Berriman6 kun oldin

    Can u pls do a meey all of our pets cause i lost count and cant keep up u have to many😂😂😂 u have dog cats goat chicken duck also u sell animals and buy them like what ones do u have i need an animal tour or sommet pls

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    Serenity Santiago6 kun oldin

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    Super excited for all the future Zorro babies! His lines are going to add so much to your herd. :)

  43. Carey Robley

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    I think that plan is good the girls will be a bit annoyed but still cute babies would come!

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    gacha shadow6 kun oldin

    Happy for baby

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    SamIAm6 kun oldin

    Why not lease out Winston for the breeding season?

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    Please keep apollo

  47. Braxton Robbins

    Braxton Robbins6 kun oldin

    If you look on MDGA (miniature dairy goat association) they have A lot of mini-Nubians on their membership directory.

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  49. Alana Shillito

    Alana Shillito7 kun oldin

    Hi i am a big fan and i realy want o you get a sheep it will go well with you farm it will look amazing

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    Zorro is a player! He has Doe's in different area codes

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    Julie Cull7 kun oldin

    I can't wait to see Winnie and Zorro baby's and Zorro and Tatum baby's

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  53. J's Pets and Crafts

    J's Pets and Crafts7 kun oldin

    If I could work on your farm I would start a youtube channel just for Luna

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    J's Pets and Crafts7 kun oldin

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    Great plan. Thank you for sharing

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    Heather H7 kun oldin

    Poor Winston isn't going to get any action this year. LOLOLOL!! He can still smell them. That's the same, right? ;-P Winston is a gorgeous boy though so I'm glad you're going to keep him around for a while.

  72. jaleel malikkunnu

    jaleel malikkunnu7 kun oldin


  73. Daemon Ember

    Daemon Ember7 kun oldin

    Actually it's out of mom by dad. The kids literally come out of the mom. That's why it's said in that manner.

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  89. Wang YiHua

    Wang YiHua7 kun oldin

    Why u not import Pakistani milky goat ( beetal breed). Milk average is 4 to 5 ltr per day.

  90. Lily Herndon

    Lily Herndon7 kun oldin

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