The COYOTE is BACK... and Kevin's READY to FIGHT! 🥊

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Each morning on our one acre farm in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, we start the day with milking goats, feeding pigs, and gathering eggs. We have a small plot of land, but boy, do we make the most of it. Each animal on our farm is taken care of holistically & organically. We let the mama goats raise their babies until they reach 10 weeks of age and are naturally weaned from nursing. We keep a small herd of 5-7 milking goats, mainly the Nigerian Dwarf breed, although we still have the queen of the herd, Luna, our Nubian goat. We use the fresh goat's milk to make cheese, butter, cream, and we use it in all sorts of baking & cooking. We love that we can walk into our backyard and gather food. It's the best feeling ever!
After the morning chores, we usually tend to the pond -- we're always adding new pond plants and fish to maintain the delicate ecosystem of our natural swimming pool. Our backyard farm is full of adventures, and we're so happy to share our farm vlog with you. Hopefully you can feel inspired to grow something of your own, or care for an animal with kindness like we strive to do. Thanks for watching!
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    MzRoyalJoy083 kun oldin

    This family is amazing!

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    Horse Hoof Stables6 kun oldin

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