We added PREDATOR FISH to eat the pesky MINNOWS! 🐟

Our pond has become infested with tiny demons -- and today we're taking care of them with a handy little predator.
Each morning on our one acre farm in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, we start the day with milking goats, feeding pigs, and gathering eggs. We have a small plot of land, but boy, do we make the most of it. Each animal on our farm is taken care of holistically & organically. We let the mama goats raise their babies until they reach 10 weeks of age and are naturally weaned from nursing. We keep a small herd of 5-7 milking goats, mainly the Nigerian Dwarf breed, although we still have the queen of the herd, Luna, our Nubian goat. We use the fresh goat's milk to make cheese, butter, cream, and we use it in all sorts of baking & cooking. We love that we can walk into our backyard and gather food. It's the best feeling ever!
After the morning chores, we usually tend to the pond -- we're always adding new pond plants and fish to maintain the delicate ecosystem of our natural swimming pool. Our backyard farm is full of adventures, and we're so happy to share our farm vlog with you. Hopefully you can feel inspired to grow something of your own, or care for an animal with kindness like we strive to do. Thanks for watching!
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  1. Isabella Bruce

    Isabella Bruce11 kun oldin


  2. Sunny Exotic Afton

    Sunny Exotic AftonOy oldin

    Bluegill + sunfish = sunfish

  3. TexasContessa

    TexasContessa2 oy oldin

    Still love the Koi best

  4. george luna

    george luna2 oy oldin

    Nice koi! This is not your typical homestead. Love the serious infrastructure.

  5. Gacha Nova

    Gacha Nova2 oy oldin

    I love yall

  6. Wahab Rao

    Wahab Rao2 oy oldin

    She is really beautiful !

  7. Wahab Rao

    Wahab Rao2 oy oldin

    What is girl name?

  8. Helen Poulos

    Helen Poulos2 oy oldin

    Such a happy family. 🤗🤗🤗

  9. Priscilla EspinozaMiller

    Priscilla EspinozaMiller2 oy oldin

    Its not a real thing but my dad calls Pico con aguacate "Pico de Pato" ©espinozafamily in Ohio lol

  10. Sumer Ayers

    Sumer Ayers2 oy oldin

    Is it a poodle?!?!

  11. Lovelast4ever

    Lovelast4ever2 oy oldin

    It's funny right cause kevin just laughs at what Luna does..jajajajaaa

  12. Anonymous vocals

    Anonymous vocals2 oy oldin

    The breed is a saint bernard maybe

  13. Diana Dollar

    Diana Dollar2 oy oldin

    Y'all do good every weeek.

  14. MarlenTrujillo

    MarlenTrujillo2 oy oldin

    Flautas are note made with flour tortillas. But that still looked good. They are made of corn tortillas.

  15. Alxcia

    Alxcia2 oy oldin

    I can’t get enough of Luna and stella

  16. Samantha Rodriguez

    Samantha Rodriguez2 oy oldin


  17. Serena Nanami

    Serena Nanami2 oy oldin

    Pico de gallo comes with agucate too. You make it right.

  18. Rose of Hearts

    Rose of Hearts2 oy oldin

    The dog is probably a poodle

  19. Lee Hampton

    Lee Hampton2 oy oldin

    Gaint schuzior

  20. Lee Hampton

    Lee Hampton2 oy oldin

    Gaint schuzior

  21. Lil Deku

    Lil Deku2 oy oldin

    The mexican dish in this vid tho- U_U

  22. Jocelyn Soria

    Jocelyn Soria2 oy oldin

    Flautas are supposed to be corn

  23. Greeneyedgurl430

    Greeneyedgurl4302 oy oldin

    The dog could be german shepard, grey hound, grat pyrenees or a golden retriever

  24. Sarah Humlong

    Sarah Humlong2 oy oldin

    They said that it doesn’t shed

  25. Katherine Goulet 2038

    Katherine Goulet 20382 oy oldin

    Yay! Bluegill/sunfish are the best!!!

  26. gothpepsi x

    gothpepsi x2 oy oldin

    I’m late but I personally think it’s a type of schnauzer idk, A collie or even an old English Sheep dog

  27. Charlotte Wilkins

    Charlotte Wilkins2 oy oldin

    You finally find a treat that all of the goats like except Stella

  28. stalk paw

    stalk paw2 oy oldin

    so i did not get it right

  29. Kulbacki Kelli

    Kulbacki Kelli2 oy oldin

    So very glad you kept Winston!! He has grown into a very handsome young buck!! SUCH A CUTIE!!

  30. Reagan Peterson

    Reagan Peterson2 oy oldin

    I love your videos because they’re so fun and kind

  31. Shelby Rorrer

    Shelby Rorrer2 oy oldin

    There are many aquarium fish keepers that will just "plop and drop" their fish straight out of the bags. The vast majority are fine!

  32. Rudy Gonzales

    Rudy Gonzales2 oy oldin

    A greatdane

  33. Maj Koivula

    Maj Koivula2 oy oldin

    You've confused me with the puppy, I was sure it's maremma but that's a very sheddy breed! Probably one of the French breeds that I'm not too familiar with, unless old english sheepdog is considered a non-shedder (sheds all year round, actually). You might have to keep with the riddling until the dog comes, because there are a lot of guesses in here. Too bad I'm not too familiar with (American) dog movies, I have to think of a breed and then google if there's a movie that has the breed in it hahaha

  34. Charlie Cooper

    Charlie Cooper2 oy oldin


  35. Kit Driscoll

    Kit Driscoll2 oy oldin

    Non-shedding? Labradoodle?

  36. Kit Driscoll

    Kit Driscoll2 oy oldin

    LGD: Maremma Sheepdog?

  37. 3 Hens & A Turkey Townstead

    3 Hens & A Turkey Townstead2 oy oldin

    I'm going with 'standard poodle'. :-)

  38. Victoria Dos Santos-tans

    Victoria Dos Santos-tans2 oy oldin

    They don't weigh up to 100 pounds.

  39. Madeline Todd

    Madeline Todd2 oy oldin

    Poodle or poodle mix

  40. Ocean of Stars

    Ocean of Stars2 oy oldin

    I'm starting to think its an Airedale Terrier! They're a medium-sized LGD, they were in the movie 101 Dalmations, and they are a minimal shedder while still having a decent amount of fur!

  41. Alma Hughes

    Alma Hughes2 oy oldin

    An Australian lapodoodle?

  42. Teresa Gillaspie

    Teresa Gillaspie2 oy oldin

    its a Poodle

  43. Randy Cupit

    Randy Cupit2 oy oldin

    Can raise trout in pond best eatting fish

  44. Skye Valor

    Skye Valor2 oy oldin

    I want to guess Bouvier Des Flandres as your guardian dog breed ^^

  45. Autumn Lawson

    Autumn Lawson2 oy oldin

    I'm guessing it's a giant schnauzer

  46. aly hudspeth

    aly hudspeth2 oy oldin

    Bouvier des flanders or a doodle?

  47. Robyn rocco

    Robyn rocco2 oy oldin

    So... poodle, giant schnauzer, Portuguese Water Dog, wire haired pointing griffon, old English sheep dog are my best guesses... if not a leonberger

  48. Olivia Glover

    Olivia Glover2 oy oldin

    i think the puppy is a saint bernard x

  49. Tatum Shelby Van Wyk

    Tatum Shelby Van Wyk2 oy oldin

    Is it a saint bernard

  50. Kelly Shea

    Kelly Shea2 oy oldin

    It’s either a Saint Bernard, a standard poodle or a Bernese mountain dog. Idk which one 😂😂

  51. Victoria Dos Santos-tans

    Victoria Dos Santos-tans2 oy oldin

    Those breeds shed alot.

  52. J Tharp

    J Tharp2 oy oldin

    Bernice mountain dog

  53. Poogi Poo

    Poogi Poo2 oy oldin

    Old englsih sheepdog????

  54. Maggie H

    Maggie H2 oy oldin

    I love that your kids are so involved, and actually seem to enjoy it.

  55. Christopher Phillips

    Christopher Phillips2 oy oldin

    I'm going to make that tonight for dinner.

  56. Gaia Speight

    Gaia Speight2 oy oldin


  57. Rusanda Lisnic

    Rusanda Lisnic2 oy oldin

    my final guess is a labradoodle

  58. Taunya W

    Taunya W2 oy oldin

    Dalmatian or an American Bulldog/Terrier like Petey in Little Rascals

  59. Wingin It with Irish Colleen

    Wingin It with Irish Colleen2 oy oldin

    Great Dane not enough fur, St Bernard sheds,... I’m going with Old English Sheepdog ✅

  60. Woof Kim

    Woof Kim2 oy oldin

    I still can’t believe we lost penny 😭🥺 I was here since willows birth witch is not a long time but I just cant believe pennys death

  61. Bella boop

    Bella boop2 oy oldin

    dang i’m still hoping for a rough collie

  62. Linda Pinda Belinda

    Linda Pinda Belinda2 oy oldin

    Hoping the minnows weren’t mosquito controls.

  63. Sheepy PlayzOwO

    Sheepy PlayzOwO2 oy oldin

    German shepherd? Im still convinced its a. German sheperd. Also when i watched the video about penny i literally cried and that's not normal for me.. Im so sorry for your loss.

  64. Arianna Aylene

    Arianna Aylene2 oy oldin

    I haven't watched since willow was pregnant and don't know whos who anymore lol

  65. MilkyMoo _cow

    MilkyMoo _cow2 oy oldin

    I think it is Airedale

  66. Karen Cary

    Karen Cary2 oy oldin

    I think the new puppy will be a poodle or poodle mix.

  67. Regina Power

    Regina Power2 oy oldin


  68. Swedish Dogs

    Swedish Dogs2 oy oldin

    Bouvier des Flanders?

  69. Hailey Ahern

    Hailey Ahern2 oy oldin

    Pico de guac

  70. Doc Frank

    Doc Frank2 oy oldin

    Jus' one Male Sunfish is enough. This would decimate your Gambusia population. Also now you'd have the sunfish breeding and a brand new problem. Take it in to account Sunfishes once grown to adult size has no interest in mosquito larvae. Bad mistale.

  71. SAJA Abraham

    SAJA Abraham2 oy oldin

    Is it a german sheperd

  72. Sandra Itnyre

    Sandra Itnyre2 oy oldin

    I am glad that you are doing a shadow box for Penny's collar. I thought that would be the best. Ok. So far I have said St Bernard and the dog that played hooch but if it's non-shedding then I am going to go with a GREAT DANE. My nephew and his wife just got 2 for their farm last year. Talk about big. Great Dane is the breed of the cartoon Marmaduke. Really sweet but they can look at you eye to eye when they jump up.

  73. Sarah Owen

    Sarah Owen2 oy oldin

    Airedale Terrier. I hope it is because I have sweet memories of playing with old Patrick who was the farm dog that lived with my Uncle Frank.

  74. Jennifer Maille

    Jennifer Maille2 oy oldin

    I think it’s a St-Bernard they are getting

  75. D.J. Laro

    D.J. Laro2 oy oldin

    Golden doodle

  76. Kiza

    Kiza2 oy oldin

    English sheepdog? I was just reading about them.

  77. Adrianna Vasquez

    Adrianna Vasquez2 oy oldin

    I’m kind of thinking St.Bernard but they do shed and it can vary. Well maybe even a standard poodle or Golden retriever

  78. Rezanour Safavi

    Rezanour Safavi2 oy oldin

    Your chosen guard dog is a Giant Schnauzer . 🐶

  79. JRod Motoring

    JRod Motoring2 oy oldin

    Standard poodle. Maybe Irish wolf hound?


    XIAOYU ZHAO2 oy oldin

    Is it a pyrenean dog? PLS BE RIGHT .-. or is it Komondor dog >_>

  81. cathleen matthiesen

    cathleen matthiesen2 oy oldin

    Ok I hope it is not a poodle... ugh as a doggy daycare supervisor/ worker... or a wheaten terrier... ugh also.. not my favorite . I know that as a doggy daycare worker/ long time trainer/ dog lover.. That is not fair.. but I honestly think a Rhodesian Ridgeback would have been best.. so low key/calm/ and famy friendly/ or a Rottweiler. They seem scary but they are huge babies when raised right.

  82. Snuggle_ bunno

    Snuggle_ bunno2 oy oldin

    Is it a Scottish terrier or a west highland terrier?? Bc they don’t shed but they have hunting instincts

  83. Hamster Lover2000

    Hamster Lover20002 oy oldin

    I think it’s a Saint Bernard or an English Sheepdog. Also sorry for the loss of Penny.

  84. Kai Somasegaran

    Kai Somasegaran2 oy oldin

    Or a Briard

  85. Kai Somasegaran

    Kai Somasegaran2 oy oldin

    Is it an Airdale?

  86. Teddyful

    Teddyful2 oy oldin

    I absolutely love danelle’s hair-

  87. AnimeToothless1

    AnimeToothless12 oy oldin

    I still think its a Great Pyrenees. And I luv the swing

  88. The Wolf Queen

    The Wolf Queen2 oy oldin

    Do saint Bernard's shed? Idk

  89. Baylee’s Channel

    Baylee’s Channel2 oy oldin

    I’m thinking of rough collie but maybe also GSD?

  90. Kallie S. Kiwiness

    Kallie S. Kiwiness2 oy oldin

    Saint Barnard

  91. Trines Nails

    Trines Nails2 oy oldin

    It’s because it’s a metal bucket! Always use plastic

  92. Trudy__TaylorAndJorja Mummy

    Trudy__TaylorAndJorja Mummy2 oy oldin

    When we had to put our dog to sleep,the vets cremated him and we got his ashes to keep

  93. Steffi Crocheter

    Steffi Crocheter2 oy oldin

    Bouvier des Flanders? Portugese water dog/ water spaniel?? Giant schnauzer? Komondor? Kerry blue terrier? Labradoodle/goldendoodle?? German shepherd? Akira? I originally thought Great pyrenees their a giant breed but it sheds like crazy, I know I have one 😊 I'm having trouble deciding on a breed that matches all of your hints...

  94. Payj Bishop

    Payj Bishop2 oy oldin

    Penny always got overlooked but she was one of the best goats.😭😭😭

  95. Nicholas Stockmann

    Nicholas Stockmann2 oy oldin

    Old English Sheepdog

  96. Nichole Jaskoski

    Nichole Jaskoski2 oy oldin

    I still don’t know the dog but I am thinking 🤔 your dinners sound sooo good and look so good 😊 I love your videos and I can’t wait for Stella’s baby’s how are ferns baby’s did he calling to them now? I love your videos have a good day and marry Christmas 🎄


    PATRICIA TAMARIZ2 oy oldin

    these are how much people that love weed em and reap like down below

  98. Badger Boy Brock

    Badger Boy Brock2 oy oldin

    I think it’s a Saint Bernard


    PATRICIA TAMARIZ2 oy oldin

    golden retriever or German shepherd or old English sheep dog or saint Bernard and please weed em and reap please tell us the dogs name I just cant wait

  100. Gracie Mae

    Gracie Mae2 oy oldin

    Hmmm maybe Bailey

  101. Aileen Vasquez

    Aileen Vasquez2 oy oldin

    Standard poodle I think it is .Penny will be in our hearts forever 💖

  102. Keyan Williams

    Keyan Williams2 oy oldin

    Is the dog a Tibetan mastiff

  103. Adela Sampson

    Adela Sampson2 oy oldin

    A standard poodle? just taking a wild guess

  104. Wild Nate Gamer

    Wild Nate Gamer2 oy oldin

    I have expirience