Which BABY GOAT are we GOING TO KEEP? 🤷🏻‍♀️ (raising miniature goats)

Faline & Fiona are our newest babies on the farm, and after A LOT of thought, we've decided their fate!
Each morning on our one acre farm in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, we start the day with milking goats, feeding pigs, and gathering eggs. We have a small plot of land, but boy, do we make the most of it. Each animal on our farm is taken care of holistically & organically. We let the mama goats raise their babies until they reach 10 weeks of age and are naturally weaned from nursing. We keep a small herd of 5-7 milking goats, mainly the Nigerian Dwarf breed, although we still have the queen of the herd, Luna, our Nubian goat. We use the fresh goat's milk to make cheese, butter, cream, and we use it in all sorts of baking & cooking. We love that we can walk into our backyard and gather food. It's the best feeling ever!
After the morning chores, we usually tend to the pond -- we're always adding new pond plants and fish to maintain the delicate ecosystem of our natural swimming pool. Our backyard farm is full of adventures, and we're so happy to share our farm vlog with you. Hopefully you can feel inspired to grow something of your own, or care for an animal with kindness like we strive to do. Thanks for watching!
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  1. Angela Lesieur

    Angela Lesieur3 kun oldin

    Can you make ice cream with your goat milk

  2. Brian cleary

    Brian cleary24 kun oldin

    Thats no sweet potato that is a bowling ball

  3. Janiele Fields

    Janiele FieldsOy oldin

    luna. bop! lidea. be nice luna i hate them there anoying but there cute lidea . see you have to be nice

  4. Geir Arve Buan

    Geir Arve BuanOy oldin

    I know im late but stellas due date was my birthday! (jan 5th)

  5. Emerald Shine

    Emerald ShineOy oldin

    i think the puppie is a collie

  6. Samantha VanWitzenburg

    Samantha VanWitzenburgOy oldin


  7. Nancy-Leigh7gm. Opie

    Nancy-Leigh7gm. Opie2 oy oldin


  8. Dayanara Ixcoy

    Dayanara Ixcoy2 oy oldin

    I say a sheep dog

  9. Harmony Time

    Harmony Time3 oy oldin

    Me when she said she’s not keeping the baby goats😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Rawrsome 22

    Rawrsome 223 oy oldin

    Did anyone else cringe when they clipped the wings?

  11. Yusra Khan

    Yusra Khan3 oy oldin

    What exactly they doing? I dont understand

  12. Kelly Scott

    Kelly Scott3 oy oldin

    But I don't want the goats to be related in any way I would like a girl and a boy goat and how much would it cost I love whatcha you guys

  13. Kelly Scott

    Kelly Scott3 oy oldin

    Me and my husband are interested in getting a goat or two but not for a while we are trying to find land so wee can have goats and we love your goats

  14. cuentafamilia Bilbao verdin

    cuentafamilia Bilbao verdin4 oy oldin

    I think its a Saint bernard even tho I'm late but I'm catching up to the videos

  15. Trudy Latchman

    Trudy Latchman4 oy oldin

    St. Bernard

  16. Saliyah Mitchell

    Saliyah Mitchell4 oy oldin

    I was thinking a lassy but looking in the comments I know for sure im wrong

  17. Harper Chambers

    Harper Chambers4 oy oldin

    golden rechervre

  18. Gamer_Rederson ;_;

    Gamer_Rederson ;_;5 oy oldin

    My mind keeps saying that its a Australian Shepard-

  19. Emily Hackler

    Emily Hackler5 oy oldin

    Fiona looks like Tilley or Tatum

  20. Lennon Daysant

    Lennon Daysant5 oy oldin

    Luna is the best goat 🤩🤩🤩

  21. emily williams

    emily williams5 oy oldin

    Omg wait is your puppy idk the name but is it one of the ones that look like a mop

  22. Natalie Marsden

    Natalie Marsden5 oy oldin

    A newfoundland?

  23. Elise Toliver

    Elise Toliver5 oy oldin

    I think it’s a Bernese mountain dog

  24. Milly Evans

    Milly Evans5 oy oldin

    I think its a saint bernard or a maremma

  25. Philip Johnson

    Philip Johnson5 oy oldin

    I think the dog is going to be a dalmatian.

  26. Heather Grovenstein

    Heather Grovenstein5 oy oldin

    I think it’s either a mountain dog or a sheep dog

  27. Chloe Baxter

    Chloe Baxter5 oy oldin

    Ive thought this from the start i hink it is a saint bernard and i still do think its that

  28. Amy Poupart

    Amy Poupart5 oy oldin

    I think the dog will be a saint bernard or great pyrenees

  29. doggiemommi22

    doggiemommi225 oy oldin

    Bouvier des Flandres

  30. 6996katmom

    6996katmom5 oy oldin

    great pyrenees

  31. Braelyn Hansen

    Braelyn Hansen5 oy oldin

    Stella is due one day before my birthday!

  32. Robynne Mackay

    Robynne Mackay5 oy oldin

    I think it's a jurman Shepard

  33. Agnesito

    Agnesito5 oy oldin

    Is the dog a golden retrievrr?

  34. Brooke Russell

    Brooke Russell5 oy oldin

    I think a golden retriever

  35. Ramiro Torres

    Ramiro Torres5 oy oldin

    Thank’s to your channel I LOVE GOATD!!!

  36. Brayan Cueva

    Brayan Cueva5 oy oldin

    I’m starting to think the dog is a bearded collie like the one from Ariel the little mermaid

  37. Francisco Moran

    Francisco Moran5 oy oldin

    It’s funny how mango separated kiwi from the geese

  38. Lorraine Johnson

    Lorraine Johnson5 oy oldin

    I think the dog is going to be a Shetland sheepdog

  39. dog person

    dog person5 oy oldin

    I think it might be maremma

  40. Aryana Desai

    Aryana Desai5 oy oldin

    i think the the dog is a golden rerever

  41. NOOB

    NOOB5 oy oldin

    The new dog is a great pyrenees i mean I'm pretty sure it it😂

  42. Sydney Bre

    Sydney Bre5 oy oldin

    Saint piurnees

  43. Anthony Ferguson

    Anthony Ferguson5 oy oldin

    I think the dog is going to be a newfoundland

  44. Furry friends Fantastic

    Furry friends Fantastic5 oy oldin

    Yea Saint Bernard or a Bernese mountain dog

  45. John King

    John King5 oy oldin

    What about a german shepard dog

  46. Alyson Ramos Mendoza

    Alyson Ramos Mendoza5 oy oldin

    or it's a st. Bernard

  47. Jamie Anderson

    Jamie Anderson5 oy oldin

    yall gettin a classic Old English Sheep dog?

  48. Mike Gutowski

    Mike Gutowski5 oy oldin

    A huski

  49. Kimberly Dunham

    Kimberly Dunham5 oy oldin

    My guess about the puppy is a St. Bernard.

  50. Rubi Dubon

    Rubi Dubon5 oy oldin

    Belgian malinois

  51. XrxQuite

    XrxQuite5 oy oldin

    Saint Bernard

  52. alex Hall

    alex Hall5 oy oldin

    Is it a border collie

  53. Jennifer S

    Jennifer S5 oy oldin

    Great Pyrenees

  54. Alayna Abel

    Alayna Abel5 oy oldin

    I think it's a polar bear dog

  55. Emma 500

    Emma 5005 oy oldin

    Did anybody know that if you drink pickle juice that has been with the pickles a while will calm sickness?

  56. Rachel Hultgren

    Rachel Hultgren5 oy oldin

    I think husky or malamute! My best friend had a husky when we lived in Arizona.

  57. Niah Hoffman

    Niah Hoffman5 oy oldin

    great pyrenees???

  58. Samantha Rodriguez

    Samantha Rodriguez5 oy oldin


  59. Allie Loomis

    Allie Loomis5 oy oldin

    Dogs fur actually keeps them cool too! Cutting their hair makes it harder for them to regulate their body heat. The hair not only protects them from the cold but also the sun and heat!

  60. strawberry shopkins

    strawberry shopkins5 oy oldin

    Bernie's mountain dog

  61. Jasmin Yorky

    Jasmin Yorky5 oy oldin

    9:46 what did you expect you did name he after a vampire!!!!!

  62. Lily Manning

    Lily Manning5 oy oldin

    Omg, Willow is the sweetest goat

  63. Meet The Regal Rangers

    Meet The Regal Rangers5 oy oldin

    I think it going to be a great pyrenees

  64. Mrs . Mushy

    Mrs . Mushy5 oy oldin

    St. Bernard or husky

  65. Mali McAllister

    Mali McAllister5 oy oldin

    I think the dog is either a saint Bernard, great Pyrenees or a Great Danes

  66. Fuck Off

    Fuck Off5 oy oldin

    Briard dog?

  67. Fuck Off

    Fuck Off5 oy oldin

    January 5 is my moms birthday

  68. RomaN LandA

    RomaN LandA5 oy oldin

    You guys living on my dream farm...so fun to watch

  69. Theresa Pospisil

    Theresa Pospisil5 oy oldin

    Belgium malinpis

  70. Sami _

    Sami _5 oy oldin

    I think the dog is gonna be a Great Pyrenees

  71. Debby Walter

    Debby Walter5 oy oldin

    great perinese

  72. Kim Easter

    Kim Easter5 oy oldin

    I’m guessing a little Beethoven!

  73. Ahleigha

    Ahleigha5 oy oldin

    St bernard or berger picard

  74. Patrick

    Patrick5 oy oldin

    The dog is a polar bear!!! It fits all the clues!

  75. Patrick

    Patrick5 oy oldin

    Can't believe you said you hoped nothing crazy happens talking about baby goats! They be cra cra!

  76. Kennedy N

    Kennedy N5 oy oldin

    I love 💓 your chanele

  77. Pearl G

    Pearl G5 oy oldin


  78. blue girl

    blue girl5 oy oldin

    It is going to be a Golden Retriever 🥰🥰🥰 One of the main characters in the movie Air Bud is a golden retriever...

  79. Emma Raker

    Emma Raker5 oy oldin

    I think it’s going to be a German shepherd

  80. Byron Smith

    Byron Smith5 oy oldin

    And I think your dog is a lassie dog

  81. Sydney Amelia

    Sydney Amelia5 oy oldin


  82. Estelle Monnin

    Estelle Monnin5 oy oldin

    Totally a Beethoven dog I was unsure but since this clue I am positive

  83. Samantha Bebb

    Samantha Bebb5 oy oldin

    Lassie! XD

  84. Svenja Wagner

    Svenja Wagner5 oy oldin

    Maybe the dog is an Akita. From the famous movie “Hachikō”

  85. Shadow-Walker1994

    Shadow-Walker19945 oy oldin

    are you getting a St. Bernard?

  86. Rachael Pewinski

    Rachael Pewinski5 oy oldin

    I also think it will be a St. Bernard

  87. NSGiraffe

    NSGiraffe5 oy oldin

    Maybe the dog is a German Shepard or a Great Dane

  88. MozzarElla

    MozzarElla5 oy oldin


  89. AnimeToothless1

    AnimeToothless15 oy oldin

    your mystery dog is a Great Pyrenees, they have been in movies, and is a livestock dog, and has a lot of fur. Or a sheep dog

  90. LPSLavender Storm

    LPSLavender Storm5 oy oldin

    I think it’s gonna be a great Pyrenees

  91. Valerie H

    Valerie H5 oy oldin

    Saint Bernard! It’s a Beethoven!

  92. Mika Kay

    Mika Kay5 oy oldin

    The dog is probably St. Bernard

  93. Horrible Kids

    Horrible Kids5 oy oldin

    I think Tibetan mastiff

  94. HaHa HELL

    HaHa HELL5 oy oldin

    U got a lassy. Collie

  95. Robin

    Robin5 oy oldin

    Every time I see Stella I think it's Luna.

  96. Adventure with Rojan and Shrabesh

    Adventure with Rojan and Shrabesh5 oy oldin

    I think the dog breed is bewteen a chow chow or a Tibetan Mastiff

  97. Kristy Janik

    Kristy Janik5 oy oldin

    The Great Pyrenees or Maremma Sheepdog

  98. Kristy Janik

    Kristy Janik5 oy oldin

    I have to ask, I know you use goat milk for everything but do you ever use cow's milk for anything?

  99. Nat Pocoa

    Nat Pocoa5 oy oldin

    I'm going with Saint Bernard!!

  100. Kayden Keller

    Kayden Keller5 oy oldin

    Gray hounds are big??